Protecting The Rights Of Whistleblowers

When an employee is made aware of unsafe, illegal or wrongful conduct by their employer, exposing such behavior can be beneficial for many and can hold the wrongdoers accountable. However, such actions can be harmful to the whistleblower, who may experience retaliation in return.

At David L. Kramer, P.C., we represent employees across Oregon and Washington who suffer retaliation after reporting wrongful conduct by their employer. Based in Salem, we focus on cases involving current or former government employees. We understand the challenging dynamics involved in such cases. Attorney Kramer will leverage his three decades of experience to fight for your rights.

Pursuing The Justice You Deserve

Exposing or reporting unsafe, hazardous or illegal actions in your workplace is a courageous action. Fortunately, there are laws in place for retaliation protection. Unfortunately, many employers choose to avoid or sidestep such protections to take retaliatory measures, including:

  • Terminating your position
  • Demoting you to a lesser position
  • Taking punitive measures against you
  • Reducing your pay or responsibilities

When such retaliatory measures occur, you may have a case to pursue legal action against your employer. Mr. Kramer will determine your options to pursue a successful lawsuit after investigating the facts of your case. In many cases, you may be eligible to win compensation for the injustice you suffered, including lost wages and emotional distress.

Safeguard Your Rights And Career Opportunities

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