Aggressive Defense After A Pattern Of Unlawful Discrimination

State and federal laws firmly prohibit racial discrimination. However, offensive conduct in the workplace still occurs. When this happens, you have options to pursue legal action.

Attorney David L. Kramer has over three decades of experience in defending the vulnerable, including discriminated employees. When such behavior occurs, Mr. Kramer will protect your rights against those who displayed illegal discriminatory conduct.

Sound Guidance After Discriminatory Conduct

Employees do not always fully understand their rights. You may assume that you are in no position to report offensive or inappropriate conduct. However, such conduct could violate strict racial discrimination laws. Examples of workplace discrimination include:

  • Refusal to hire an employee based on race
  • Failure to promote or raise pay due to race
  • Consistent offensive or inappropriate racial comments
  • Inappropriate firing, demoting or disciplining due to race

To properly investigate and file claims within strict deadlines, timing is essential with these cases. We will work with you to determine your options in holding the employer responsible.

If litigation is necessary, a pattern of the offenses must be displayed. Mr. Kramer will work to prove the intent behind such behavior. He will also pursue compensation or other corrective measures for what you have suffered. We will lean on the multiple laws in place, including Title VII and other laws specific to Washington and Oregon, to pursue an optimal outcome for your case.

Speak With A Lawyer

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