Do men experience sexual harassment in the workplace?

| Mar 19, 2020 | employment law |

When you think of sexual harassment in the workplace, chances are, you think of a woman as the victim and a lecherous man as the harasser. While rare, men also face sexual harassment in the workplace. 

To better understand how male employees become victims of sexual harassment, see what Psychology Today says on the matter. You may have faced harassment in the past and not realized it. 

Sexual minorities  

While any man can experience sexual harassment, often, it is men who are members of sexual minorities who face harassment. Such harassment can cross the line and become homophobic. 

Sexual advance harassment  

Just like women, men can experience unwanted sexual advances in the workplace. Such advances take the form of unwanted touching that makes the person feel uncomfortable. A manager or supervisor may give the strong impression that a male employee can get a promotion through sexual cooperation. 

Gender hierarchy  

Besides sexual harassment, men may face gender harassment. For instance, coworkers may view a man who takes time off work to care for his kids or who openly displays emotional vulnerability as more feminine than masculine, which could incur harassment. 

Psychological effects  

Just like women, men who sexual harassment in the workplace can experience mental and emotional distress. Workplace performance could decline, and the person may dread coming to work after experiencing harassment. 

Is there a chance that you may have faced sexual or gender harassment in the workplace? Rather than feel you have to endure it because you are a man, know that you have rights worthy of protection from an experienced legal advocate.