Protections afforded a whistleblower

| Jan 8, 2020 | employment law |

The term whistleblower has become synonymous with exposing the wrongdoings of large corporations and government sectors. However, workers in Oregon must also note that regardless of the size or standing of a company, a person who outs a company’s or government’s indiscretions deserves protection.

When it comes to making poor working conditions better for all workers or exposing illegal practices, people who step forward may qualify for help. The professionals at David L. Kramer, P.C., are here to help educate the public on the protections the law provides those who bravely expose wrongdoings. Understanding what is available to assist may make coming forward easier.

Current laws

There are many state and federal laws regarding whistleblowing. When an employee has insider information regarding illegal and detrimental activities occurring within a business or government branch, and he or she decides to step forward and report, the most relevant law to that situation may apply.

General protections

While the laws vary as do the protections under them, there are some general safety nets in place for those who seek help as a whistleblower. First, a company may not attempt to stop the worker’s action through intimidation. Threats to an individual’s family, job and financial security are illegal. A whistleblower may also not face termination after he or she reports the wrongdoing and qualifies for protected status. One crucial regulation is anonymity. A whistleblower may choose to remain anonymous for the bulk of the proceedings. This helps to maintain the integrity of an investigation by keeping the company in the dark about the complainant. While the person’s identity will come out at some point, keeping this information shielded at the onset affords a protective layer.

The laws are complex regarding whistleblowers, but understanding these protections helps promote exposure of illegal practices. Follow this link to gain more insight into this and other related issues.