How can sexual abuse be prevented in state custody?

| Dec 23, 2019 | child sex abuse |

If your child has ended up in state custody in Oregon because of circumstances that are somewhat out of your control, your concern for their well-being, care and health may be growing with each passing day. Because you often have limited control in these kinds of situations and are focused on getting your child back as quickly as possible, it may be disheartening to know that you cannot approve every decision that is being made.

There are situations where children placed in the care of others through state custody are at a higher risk of suffering abuse. Your efforts to protect your child and lessen the chances that he or she experiences anything negative or life-altering while not in your care can make a significant impact in making his or her experience positive and effective.

According to, one thing you can do is to try your best to help your children maintain crucial social connections that they had before they were placed in state custody. These relationships can be friends of theirs, other family members and even teachers that they look up to as mentors. You can also request that their caretakers have some experience with parenting other children and have adequate support to be able to provide high-quality care and nurturing for your children.

If you have the chance to encourage your children to be assertive and aware of the signs of sexual abuse, they too can play an important role in protecting their safety and holding caretakers accountable if abuse occurs. The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.