Reporting nursing home abuse

| Jun 26, 2019 | nursing home abuse |

Having a parent in a nursing home is hard for anyone. Seeing your loved one age and being apart from him or her can be difficult. As your parent transitions into a nursing home, he or she requires professional and sufficient care. Sadly, some long-term care facilities in Oregon can be unhealthy and abusive. Here at David L. Kramer, P.C., we understand the seriousness of nursing home abuse and have assisted many adult children in holding facilities accountable.

The Oregon Department of Human Services is responsible for preventing elder abuse. There are different reporting methods depending on what type of abuse, neglect or exploitation you suspect. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to file a report with the local DHS office, county developmental disability program, county mental health program or Area Agency on Aging.

Making a comprehensive report requires important details:

  • The age, location and level of functioning of the suspected victim
  • A description of the situation or problem you feel is abusive, neglectful or inadequate
  • Whether the individual is in immediate risk of harm
  • Information about witnesses or other people who have direct information about the complaint

Oregon laws protect the privacy of everyone who reports abuse or suspected abuse. It is also possible to make anonymous complaints.

If you file a complaint about a licensed facility, an investigator will go to the facility, conduct interviews, make observations and review records. This investigator will complete a report and take immediate steps to protect victims from any danger.

For more information about protecting your loved one, please visit our page on nursing home abuse.