A Trustworthy Advocate For The Vulnerable

Victims of harassment or abuse and their loved ones often feel like they have nowhere to turn. While you may wish to take action, feelings of helplessness or uncertainty on how to proceed can overpower other emotions.

At David L. Kramer, P.C., we work on behalf of victims of abuse, neglect and harassment. Whether the abuse happens to a child, adult, employee or senior citizen, we will listen to your concerns and determine an appropriate course of action.

Meet Attorney Kramer

David L. Kramer is a trial attorney who will not back down at the prospect of taking the case to court. Mr. Kramer understands that settlements often will not provide the closure and potential compensation the victim and their loved ones need. He will aggressively defend your rights to enable you to move forward.

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Mr. Kramer has over three decades of experience and spent much of his career working for the Oregon attorney general’s office. His firsthand knowledge of how the state approaches cases of abuse, neglect and discrimination can provide a distinct advantage to your case.

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