Protecting Your Rights For Over 40 Years

Representing Victims Of Abuse, Neglect And Injury


Representing Abused and Neglected Children and Seniors

Protecting Your Rights For Over 40 Years

A Trustworthy Advocate For The Vulnerable

At David L. Kramer, P.C., we work on behalf of victims of abuse and neglect. Whether the abuse happens to a child, adult or senior citizen, we will listen to your concerns and determine an appropriate course of action. David L. Kramer is a trial attorney who will not back down from insurance companies, the State, or anyone else that owes compensation to victims.

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Mr. Kramer has tried cases to juries for more than 40 years, as a prosecutor, a defense attorney, a Senior Assistant Attorney General, and as a private attorney helping victims. His firsthand knowledge of how the state approaches cases of abuse and neglect can provide a distinct advantage for your case.

A Mission to Help Child Victims

When a child enters an institution such as foster care, a school, a church, a camp or a similar establishment, it becomes the job of that establishment to do what’s in the best interest of the child. The same is true for caregivers of seniors. That means keeping the child or senior safe, healthy, and cared for – just like you would do for your loved ones. Equally sad is that professional child walfare workers, child protective services workers, and state child welfare and senior services offices like the Oregon Department of Human Services sometimes fail to protect children as they should. This abuse, or neglect leading to abuse, whether physical, emotional or sexual in nature can do lifelong damage. Nobody deserves to go through this. Attorney Kramer is a fierce advocate for children who have been treated unfairly.

Attorney Kramer will pursue justice for children hurt by institutions that failed them, no matter how long ago abuse or neglect took place.

Partnering With Other Lawyers for Child Justice

If you are a juvenile court attorney, prosecutor, Court Appointed Special Advocate, or any other person working with children and vulnerable adults who suspects a vulnerable person was hurt or neglected while State custody or in the care of other organizations, attorney Kramer can help. Juvenile court attorneys specialize in family law and work tirelessly in juvenile court to protect the rights of foster children, parents, and others. Although their mandate usually does not include making damage claims for injured children, juvenile court attorneys and Court Appointed Special Advocates are often the first people to sense that kids are hurt because of neglect in the system. That’s the time to consult with attorney Kramer, or some other attorney experienced in this field.

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